About Us

THE 2000's

As we continue to celebrate 145 years of serving this community and our Lord, may we be ever mindful of the reason that we established a church in the beginning, for the honor and glory of God. As the great commission tells us: “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe whatsoever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” Matt. 28:18-20

When the history was written for our first 125 years, we ended it with this statement: “May the next 125 years find Milford Baptist Church still meeting the needs of this community with the faithful Word of God.

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THE 1980's & 1990's

The 1980's and 1990's rolled in. Family life as we knew it in earlier years was changing. More and more Moms were working outside the home, and the term "latch-key kids" became the norm. More restraints were placed on the "free" time of families. There were certainly needs within the community and Milford Baptist Church was ever present to meet these changing needs. James Fenton was called to be our pastor. Milford recognized the need to have better transportation to meet the needs of our church and a new bus was purchased. The 'Together We Build' program was adopted by our church and we began to build our Family Life Center.

THE 1970's

The 1970's brought about change for Milford Baptist Church. The new sanctuary was completed and the area was bursting with new "folks". The fields were truly white unto harvest. We had an enthusiastic interim pastor by the name of Taft Owenby, who loved our people and gave them hope for tomorrow. We later established the Taft Owenby Fund in memory of this great man of God. His memory will live on in the lives of many young people who choose full-time ministry as their way of life. In July of 1973 Milford called Oscar Cope as it's pastor. Under his leadership, a more secure method of financing the indebtedness of our new building was assured. The Deacon Family Ministry Plan and the X-Y-Z program were established as a means of ministering to the families and seniors of our community. The fellowship hall was renovated to allow space for more Sunday School rooms. The youth department was relocated to this area, and continued to grow. We also experienced substantial growth in Sunday School and in Church membership. To God Be The Glory!!!
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THE 1960's

The 1960's was an era of peace and love! Dewitt Cox led Milford Baptist Church in a dynamic way during these times. The attendance was just too many to crowd into one service in the sanctuary, which is now our chapel. Under Brother Cox's direction, Milford Baptist Church held two Sunday morning worship services.
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THE 1950's

The 1950's brought about major change for the community. As more and more industry came to our area, more and more people came. In 1957, Milford realized the need for more educational space.

The Brotherhood purchased a school building and remodeled it for a junior department (this building later became known to us as the 'Annex'). However, as growth for our church continued, this gave only temporary relief to the over crowding. A year later the first floor of our educational building was completed.

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Through the Years.... With the beginning of World War II our community began to see unbelievable change. Bell Bomber (later Lockheed Corporation), General Motors and The Ford Motor Company began to locate in our area. The appeal of more steady pay and good benefits lured a great many of our folks from the farm, thus changing our community into an urban area. No longer was everyone making their living off the land! This also brought about change for Milford Baptist Church.

The basement under the old sanctuary was completed with nine new Sunday School rooms in 1948. The sanctuary, which faced Austell Road, was turned around to face Milford Church Road and placed over the Sunday School rooms. Arthur Newton, a member of Milford Baptist, owned a house moving company and he and his workers made this endeavor possible. This major undertaking was led by Rev. Marion Beaver, Milford’s first full-time pastor. This is a name that many still treasure today.

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In 1884

In 1884 a building committee was appointed for the purpose of building a new church house. The members were John T. Pace, John Alexander, S.P. Pair; Thomas Alexander, G.W. Henderson and George Anderson.

You will notice that many of these same names are still prominent within our community today. (Pair Road, Pace Motors, Anderson Mill Road just to name a few) In January of 1887 the church voted to sell the old church at public sale. The pastor during this time was D.Q. Maddox.

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YEARS, 1871 TO 1881

This area was predominately a rural farming community. The farm lands were rich and plentiful and the work difficult for many of the families. The major means of transportation was horse and buggy.

The condition of the roads were at the very best primitive. They were dirt and I have been told that it was nothing for the mud to be halfway up the wheels on the buggies and later, on the motorized vehicles called cars.

By the year 1881 the church had grown to a membership of 148. The pastor was Reverend Henderson. It is believed that he was the first official pastor of Milford Baptist Church.

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The Birth of a Dream.... 1871

The Milford Baptist Church was established more than 148 years ago!!

The Civil War had ended just six years earlier and Atlanta still lay in ruins. As Sherman marched south to Atlanta, he left a lot of Marietta and surrounding areas in shambles, but the spirit and determination of these simple farmers could not be destroyed.

Out of the rubble and ashes of that time, in the Northwest portion of what would later be called Metro Atlanta, a vision arose! A church was needed to meet the needs of the changing community. Milford Baptist Church was organized in 1871, as a mission of Concord Baptist Church.